Bottom line: Amazon is winding down its Halo fitness division, a decision that will impact both consumers that own Halo devices and the employees running the department. Interested parties can download or delete health data via the settings menu in the Halo app. Either way, all stored data will be deleted after August 1, the company said.

Amazon unveiled its Halo Band wearable in the summer of 2020, which represented the company's first foray into the health industry. The Halo Band was not all that compelling - it didn't even have a display - but additional products including a more traditional fitness tracker called Amazon Halo View and a sleep tracker known as Halo Rise followed that were a bit more appealing. Ultimately, support for all of these devices will come to a halt on July 31, 2023.

In an e-mail to staffers obtained by The Verge, Amazon's VP of smart home and health, Melissa Cha, said Halo has recently faced significant headwinds, including an uncertain economic environment and an increasingly crowded marketplace.

"Although our customers love many aspects of Halo, we must prioritize resources and maximize benefits to customers and the long-term health of the business," Cha noted in the message.

The decision to close the program appears to be a sudden and expedited one. According to The Verge, some of the Halo branded devices were still available to purchase as recently as a week ago as evident by entries on the Wayback Machine. None are available directly from Amazon as of writing, however.

Customers who purchased Halo devices or accessory bands within the last 12 months will receive full refunds in the coming weeks, we are told. What's more, unused prepaid subscription fees will also be returned and no further charges will be made to existing accounts.

Amazon encourages customers with Halo hardware and accessories to use its recycling program to properly dispose of them. The e-commerce giant will even cover the cost of shipping to send them back.

Employees impacted by the closure will receive packages that include a separation payment and transitional health insurance as well as help finding a new job.