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Amazon is offering Prime members $10 to pick up a delivery instead of having it delivered

Another cost-cutting exercise from the retail giant
WTF?! Like many tech giants, Amazon is trying to cut costs in these times of economic uncertainty. Its latest exercise targets the millions of Prime subscribers who take advantage of the free shipping option, offering a few testers $10 to pick up a purchase rather than having it shipped to their home.
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How to sell a CPU

Editor's take: Much of the focus in semiconductors is on chip performance, and so for many outside the process it can be mystifying why sometimes a "better" chip loses out to a "weaker" chip. To name just one example, Intel still sells a lot of server CPUs despite their poor comparison with the latest AMD or Arm offerings.
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Hacking multi-tool Flipper Zero gets banned from Amazon, classified for card skimming

In a nutshell: The Flipper Zero may look like a harmless child's toy from the 90s, but it's capable of far more. The Tamagotchi-like device has been used for everything from opening parking gates and tampering with fast food menus to reading credit card information through a person's wallet and pants. Unfortunately for Flipper, this scanning ability has earned a ban from Amazon, which now considers it a policy-breaking card-skimming device.