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  • The Dark Web: Exploring the Hidden Internet

    There are few things as infamous as The Dark Web in the world of technology, but what is it, and why does it have such a bad reputation?

    By Nick Evanson on

  • Bigger Than Godzilla: Why Are Games Using So Many Gigabytes?

    Do all the latest big budget games need 100+ GB of drive space? What exactly is the average size of a triple-A game today? We've investigated the figures in search of the truth.

    By Nick Evanson on

  • The GPU Market Finally Gives In, Nvidia Prices Drop

    Welcome back to our GPU pricing update series. We thought this would be an uneventful month until both Nvidia and AMD decided to get the ball rolling with their new mid-range and mainstream GPUs.

    By Tim Schiesser on

  • How To Fix Blurry Apps in Windows 11

    Bothered by blurry looking apps in Windows? Fear not, there is no instant fix for every app that looks blurry but there are various solutions you can try.

    By Nick Evanson on

  • What Ever Happened to Microsoft Encarta?

    In the 1990s, the internet was smaller, slower, and harder to search. If you wanted to learn basic facts about a topic you could get a physical encyclopedia. Thankfully, there was one more option.

    By Amir Shoam on

  • The Inner Workings of PCI Express

    PCI Express has been around for 20 years, and with no sign of it being replaced any time soon, we dive into the technology to see what makes it so special.

    By Nick Evanson on

  • 50 Years of Video Games - Part 2

    From the mid-90s to the early years of the millennium, video games underwent a paradigm shift in graphics, treating us to some of the most classic titles of all time.

    By Nick Evanson on

  • Testing GeForce Now Ultimate RTX 4080 Tier

    GeForce Now or GeForce Later: Nvidia has upgraded its cloud gaming service to RTX 4080-level hardware for the Ultimate tier offering substantial performance improvements. But what are the negatives?

    By Rob Thubron on

  • How to Use Midjourney to Create AI Images

    AI image generators are hot news right now, so it takes something special to stand out in the crowd. Midjourney is among the best, read on to find out why and how to use it.

    By Nick Evanson on

  • Why Are Modern PC Games Using So Much VRAM?

    With the best graphics cards now sporting more RAM than an average PC, we look at just why games are using ever more video memory to create all the visual effects.

    By Nick Evanson on

  • Guide to AMD Ryzen 7000 Motherboard Chipsets

    When selecting a motherboard for your new Ryzen 7000 CPU, you will encounter three main options: X670, B650, and A620. But what are the differences, and what's the deal with X670E and B650E boards?

    By Amir Shoam on

  • How USB Works: From 'Plug and Pray' to Being Everywhere

    Connecting and powering our everyday gadgets and peripherals, USB is everywhere, but how exactly does it work? Learn about its inner workings and how the USB port has managed to survive for so long.

    By Nick Evanson on

  • Can DLSS Render "Better Than Native" Graphics?

    We often hear people say that DLSS can deliver "better than native" image quality, giving gamers not only a performance boost but superior visuals. Let's find out if this is at all true.

    By Tim Schiesser on

  • GPU Pricing Update, April 2023: Is the Nvidia RTX 4070 Another Flop?

    It's that time of the month when we look at the GPU market and see what's been happening. The big news for April is the launch of Nvidia's GeForce RTX 4070, which has been met with mixed reviews overall.

    By Tim Schiesser on

  • TechSpot PC Buying Guide: 1H 2023

    How has the PC market evolved in the past few months for builders and gamers alike? Our PC Buying Guide includes four recommended component lists, meant for different budgets and purposes.

    By Amir Shoam on

  • 8GB VRAM vs. 16GB VRAM: RTX 3070 vs. Radeon 6800

    PC gamers have been hearing a lot about VRAM as of late, a topic that has stirred up a ton of controversy. Here's a new GPU shootout for testing VRAM usage in recently released games.

    By Steven Walton on

  • How To Measure Your PC's Power Consumption

    Modern computers have components that require lots of power and given that this all costs money, here's our guide to measuring how much energy your PC uses.

    By Nick Evanson on

  • Save Any Web Page as an Image or PDF

    Ever read a web page and wanted to keep it offline to study later? Read on and you'll be saving web pages as PDFs and images in no time at all.

    By Nick Evanson on

  • microSD and SD Card Buying Guide

    We break down all the codes and ratings of microSD and SD cards and offer the best choices available. You might be surprised by the broad availability of high-speed, large capacity flash memory.

    By TechSpot Staff on

  • BlackBerry: The Smartphone We Knew Before the iPhone

    The iPhone brought smartphones into the mainstream, but before there were Samsung Galaxy devices to contend with, a company called RIM made BlackBerry phones that looked more like tiny laptops.

    By Amir Shoam on

  • Essential Apps to Install on your Windows PC or Mac

    You just bought a new laptop, built a new desktop, or are clean installing your OS? Gotta love the taste of a fresh new machine. Now back to productivity Zen with all your apps. Let us help.

    By TechSpot Staff on

  • We Asked GPT Some Tech Questions, Can You Tell Which Answers Are Human?

    Let's see if you can spot the difference between a human writer and an AI. We asked GPT 4.0 various tech questions and put them side-to-side with our answers taken from TechSpot explainers.

    By Goran Damnjanovic on

  • GPU Pricing Update, March 2023: Back to MSRP

    With AMD and Nvidia focusing on the high-end, the graphics card market remains weak with flat demand. On the upside, price inflation is a thing of the past with abundant stock at or near the MSRP.

    By Tim Schiesser on

  • The Best Portable Apps for Your Software Toolbox

    Portable apps usually offer the same functionality as the regular versions of your favorite software, but without any installers involved. That means you can run them directly from a USB drive or a cloud folder synced across PCs.

    By TechSpot Staff on

  • The State of Self-Driving Cars: Autonomous Advances

    Significant advances have been made in the technology that powers self-driving cars in the last decade, but there's still further to go. We dive into the current state of self-driving cars in 2023.

    By Dan Croutch on

  • NexGen: Gone But Not Forgotten

    Four decades ago, the CPU market was far more diverse than it is today. One company called NexGen had backing from big PC names, plenty of capital, and a team of great engineers. But what happened?

    By Nick Evanson on

  • 50 Years of Video Games

    For over 50 years, video games have been a significant part of popular culture. Born in the minds of creative engineers, games have grown from mere curiosities into a global industry worth billions of dollars.

    By Nick Evanson on

  • The Evolution of Ransomware

    These days, not a month goes by that we hear about a new major ransomware attack. But how did we get to this point where our data and services could be held for ransom?

    By Marcel Blackbeard on

  • Nvidia DLSS 3 Revisit: We Try It Out in 9 Games

    After its big splash, today we're taking a second look at Nvidia's DLSS 3 technology to see what has changed and improved in previous games and new releases that have arrived with integrated support.

    By Tim Schiesser on

  • Explainer: Number Representations in Computer Hardware

    Welcome to a most fundamental area of computer design: how numbers are represented in hardware! We know that modern computers use and are very efficient at using binary, but wasn't always the case.

    By Abdulrahman Mahmoud on