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millions android malware

Millions of Android phones come with pre-installed malware, and there's no easy fix

A hot potato: The Google Play Store is notorious for harboring apps that contain malware, adware, or some flavor of spyware or fleeceware. A lesser-known fact is that hackers are increasingly targeting pre-installed apps for their misdeeds, and researchers are trying to raise awareness about this growing trend. Millions of affordable Android phones come with numerous pre-installed apps, and hackers only need to subvert one. However, addressing this issue is significantly more challenging than dealing with rogue apps that find their way into the Play Store.
microsoft secure boot vulnerability

Microsoft releases optional fix for actively exploited Secure Boot vulnerability

Why it matters: Microsoft has issued guidance for fixing a serious Secure Boot vulnerability that affects all Windows systems and is actively being exploited in the wild. Normally, this kind of issue would be patched via monthly servicing updates but the Redmond company has chosen a phased approach to reduce the risk of you or your organization ending up with devices that won't boot. The fix will require some manual steps for now, but will be applied automatically on all supported Windows systems starting next year.
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